Zigi Porter is the eccentric singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester, UK, which creates dreamy lo-fi pop songs under the moniker Darcie.

With an undoubtedly distinctive sound and an exquisitely personal lyricism, Darcie’s is a stylistic signature that certainly does not go unnoticed, richly immersed in bold, colorful productions, which give the right perspective to her experimental vision.

Musically drawing on the do-it-yourself ability of artists like Rex Orange County and SOPHIE, Darcie hybridizes incorporating pop and soul elements.

And while she refers to artists like Jorja Smith, SZA, Billie Eilish, Zack Villere, and Glass Animals, Darcie brings to life a distinctive sound, personal blend of warmth, character, and visionary creativity.

After self-producing seven singles, co-written with drummer and producer Tom Donaldson, a two-track mini EP titled ‘Darling’, and a music video for her hit single ‘Litter’, recently Darcie has released her latest single ‘Silence ‘.

Wrapped in an atmosphere of misty tones, Darcie’s new work subtly hovers over warm harmonies, which float in ascension and then juxtapose with asynchronous structures made of percussive textured industrial sounds.

As vehement as shy, as biting as vulnerable, as statically stable as it is distressed, with ‘Silence’, Darcie is taking the level of her production forward, beyond an invisible boundary.

Giving us a surprising electronic number, this is something which seems to be just a crossing point of a long journey that is still to be written.

Among the most intriguing discoveries we have made in recent months, it will be interesting to see which shores she will land on with her next works.

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