Danny Frati Celli is a long-time and experienced musician, as well as an actor who has appeared in several films and soap opera.

Debuting in 2009 with his first solo production entitled ‘Frati …… En Libertad’, Danny was also a member of various bands, such as Eclipse and Hang Over, and recorded with the bands Materia Prima and Niño Planeta.

Driven by his creative streak, Frati Celli has also been able to continue his solo career, giving life to a number of original songs that he collected in ‘Sesiones’, a selection of 13 Spanish rock songs, created between 2000 and the end of 2019.

Frati Celli’s album is the right starting point for the artist to definitively sanction his launch on the global music scene. Here Danny shows off and unleashes his multifaceted creativity. Moving from raw and scratchy numbers that loudly recall hard rock, up to Latin ballads, the leitmotif that binds and gives color to the whole album is the choice to sing in Spanish.

Listen now to ‘Sesiones 2004 – 2019’, the album from Danny Frati Celli, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Danny Frati Celli // Sesiones 2004 - 2019 - album cover
Danny Frati Celli // Sesiones 2004 - 2019 - album cover