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The 4th single, following the previous she released, “Mermaid,” which has received a fantastic reception, the latest by Danai Nielsen, is a touching piece of beautiful majestic art.

Danai Nielsen is a solo dream-pop, synth-based composer and singer, who uses samples, loops, voice FX, a DX7 synthesizer, and pitched down vocals to create musical dialogues between a male and a female alter-ego persona.

Her live performances involve creating music in real-time, using samples, loops, and organic sounds. 

As a former core member of the Greek band Rosebleed, Danai has opened for the likes of Santana and The Cranberries. Since going solo in 2019, she has completed a tour across Europe, performed at festivals such as Taste the Music, Fifty Lab & Reeperbahn (Athens, Belgium, Hamburg), and continues to release a series of singles.

Released during the second pandemic quarantine season, “Lion Zion” is the 4th single release by the Athens-based artist, following the previous “Mermaid,” which has received a fantastic reception.

Written and recorded with the best intentions for inner growth and peace “Lion Zion” is a touching lullaby, fairy articulated like a piano ballad, to convey a call for digging deeper inside, exploring our innermost jungle, and go finding our Lion. 

“The Jungle for me is a place of wild, unexplored growth and evolution. Is neither harmless nor soft. Our fears and insecurities are growing wild in there and if we are brave enough to face them, we will discover our strengths and powers. Let’s discover our inner child, our higher true self, and share self-love and nurturing.” – Danai Nielsen

This period is challenging for everyone. None of us have ever experienced anything like this before. So we all have something in common. And now, thanks to “Lion Zion”, we have a new warning, a new glimmer, urging us to be brave, and find out what is hiding in those jungles of ours.

It is a lion-like pride, regal and statuesque, made of elegance and stoic and indefatigable resilience, rather than animal ferocity. And to return the power of this message with such an affable delicacy is an artistic act of incomparable majestic beauty.

Listen now to "Lion Zion," the latest by Danai Nielsen, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

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