The result of two years of work, the new project by the Swedish artist, moves away from the softer songwriting seen in the previous ‘Wings’, tracing a new way with a more biting cut that officially marks the beginning of Dan Wande’s solo career

POWERFUL, COMPELLING, AND EXCITING – Dan Wande vibrates and hits the mark with an overwhelming and vigorous sounding production; hard and heavy, but without exaggeration, Wande brings to the table a feverish adrenaline rush.

A remarkable result, qualitatively constructed and chiseled in a mix of electrifying balances, ‘Way Back’ is the fruit of a long process that has led Wande to work with session artists from all over the world.

While ‘Way Back’ has been recorded in Italy, Greece, Poland, and the United States, Dan has been able to steer a straight course, demonstrating his artistic ability and the capacity to keep focused on a center core. Here, his over forty years of experience in the music industry have certainly given indispensable support. The production of ‘Way Back’ is crafty both outside and inside of the box.

Wande starves us, giving us 3 densely vehement tracks, overflowing them through a natural and organic musical delivery. They come and slips away as in an orgasmic rush. Something that first kidnaps us and then passes, leaving us wanting to have even more.

Wande’s is a creative momentum that is anything but ephemeral. He already released another EP, ‘Dragon Force’, and a lyric video. These are accompanied by a full-length album featuring the 6 songs of ‘Way Back’ and ‘Dragon Force’ along with 4 other unreleased tracks; released digitally and on vinyl as a limited edition of only 200 signed vinyls.

Impeccably driven by an old school rock sound’s locomotion, ‘Way Back’ is an intoxicating roller-coaster, skilfully piloted by Wande’s fine ear, which with tremendous compositional clarity, encapsulates four decades dedicated to music and composition.

Between metal anthems, bold riffs, and swirling leaks, Wande’s EP is an engaging and thunderous whirlwind that squirms and kicks.

Loaded with the charm evoked by an unstoppable ferocity, ‘Way Back’ traces a furrow of undeniable power, which sweeps away all sorts of doubts about Dan’s compositional abilities and sets a tangible perspective for his radiant journey.

From Dream Theater to AC / DC, from Guns N ‘Roses to Aerosmith, many elements refer to the power of the electric guitars and drums of those sacred monsters. However, Wande’s is anything but nostalgic.

Through a process of deconstruction, assimilation, and metabolization that he has cultivated throughout his 40-year career, Dan has managed to breathe new life into something recognizable in the foundations, now elevated to an ecstatic perspective with a refreshing livery.

One of the more interesting discoveries we have made in recent months, ‘Way Back’ by Dan Wande is an assault on the heart, the mind, and the soul to grasp the cue of an indelible sign capable to shake you with every run.

We can’t wait to hear what will come next, and given the premise, we expect great things for what has to follow. 

Listen now to Dan Wande’s EP ‘Way Back’ and find out more about his music, checking the links below: