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We recently discovered him thanks to his previous work, the gripping EP “Way Back.” If you miss our previous piece, you can read it right here: Dan Wande // Way Back

Now Dan Wande is back with a new act of brilliant musical intuition that sweeps with character and incisiveness between the most heavy folds of rock and metal.

We are talking about “Dragon Force”, the last act with which the Swedish artist presents his debut as a soloist. Based on a musical legacy that has seen him engaged with various formations for over four decades, Wande’s latest does not betray expectations, being a release perfectly in line with his stylistic caliber.

Between epic heavy metal pinnacles and biting riffs of rocking guitars, Wande used the same lineup of musicians that we tasted with “Way Back,” exhibiting a series of truly remarkable performances.

The EP’s melancholy aesthetic turns up and twists on several moments on the thrust of bursting blades of light that biting and resonating moves along the dynamic development of the whole EP. Fierce solo instrumental duels set in epic-fantasy narratives fuel memorable, catchy hooks, while sophisticated sound-design research offers something new with every musical argumentation.

Once again, proving to be a skilled and inspired artist and composer, Wande brings us an EP with which he expertly combines mystery, intrigue, fantasy, and above all, his remarkable musicianship. Uninhibited as it is striking, it will be particularly interesting to see what he has to offer to follow.

An exciting and noteworthy project, we recently joined Dan Wande for a short chatty talk. Keep on reading to find out more about Dan and his music.

Hi Dan. Welcome to Nova Music blog, and thank you for taking the time to do this short interview.

You are most welcome.

Recently Dan has released the lyric video for the title track of “Dragon Force”. You can watch it on the Dan Wande YouTube channel.

You have been orbiting in and out of the music scene for over 40 years. Can you tell us more about your heritage and your story?

Well, I started playing guitar when I was 13; my upbringing was in a family of music, mostly on my fathers’ side. He was an operatic vocalist and a choir singer.

When I was around 20, I mowed to a city up here in the north of Sweden called Haparanda, and it was there I saw my ability to sing lead vocals. 

I was offered a couple of openings in some bands, Myopic Void, Vandee, and also in the band Grave, with guitar player Jan Granvik that moved on to GLORY after Grave.

After that, it was off to Stockholm, and a lot of bands and I also did some minor production work, but it never really took off for me. But now I am back in the north.

I said to myself: “time to do my own thing.” And the result is Wings, Way Back, and now Dragon Force; in the pipeline, I also have a full-length album in 2021.

The debut for your solo project comes with the final months of a crazy 2020, marked by COVID-19 and the lockdown. How was it managing the entire pre-production and production process for all these releases?

As I chose to use session guys from all over the world, I had to have it all pretty straight in my mind what I was looking for. I had a lot of help pre-producing the drums by my mate Daniel Trogen.

It has been a journey to produce in a global production, but as I create and write and lay vocals in my home studio, Covid has not mattered so much. It has taken its time, a lot of writing and talking on the phone =).

Do you want to list those who accompanied you on this journey?

I mentioned Daniel Trogen that helped me with pre-production drums. On guitar, we have Giacomo Pasquali, Mark Brown on keyboards, Marcin Palider on the bass, drums by Maurizio Antonini, and backing vocals by Eugenio Paludi.

While many artists choose to release a single a month and then follow with the EP or album, you have chosen a completely different path. What’s the plan?

Coming spring, I will release a full-length album with the six released songs and four more that lay ready to release. This is the plan due to that the winter is the time when I write the most, so I want to give me time to create for late 2021-2022’s adventures.

In this business, there are people who are naysayers ...
and then there is me

We know some people told you that “Way Back” would never be done. In response, you came up with 3 EPs and an album soon. There is an important message and vision here, isn’t there?

In this business, there are people who are naysayers … and then there is me.

When someone tells me that it is impossible, I go full throttle in and make it work. It is also a statement for me that it was possible to venture out on new adventures and grow as a producer and writer and as a singer.

If I look in the long run, my vision for this winter is to compose and write a totally new album, to be released maybe in 2022, and follow up with some touring if it decks of cards are dealt my way.

And also, to connect with a record deal somewhere in time.

Your EPs are particularly connotative and carry a dense charge of your signature. How did you manage to ferry them so clearly into your EPs?

One thing is that I use the same session guys on all recordings. I also believe in artistic freedom under my ear control for the guys who play. I have had a vision on my albums to make every note matter the whole way from first to last and given me the time it has taken to record the songs. As an example, I re-recorded the vocal tracks three times before I was satisfied. I am at the same starting point on all recordings, just to put my drive and vision through the performances of all the guys.

How would you define the result obtained? A mix of conscious technique and instinctive art?

Of course, there is technique in the performance, but it is so important not to lose yourself just in that. It is as important to keep the grove and feeling all the way in the songs.

We love the way you unleash the vigor of your music. The expressive density and shortness of your recent releases form a brilliant combination. Together they work perfectly to spark and urges you to listen again and more. Do you agree with us?

I hope that there is a journey through all my albums towards the goal of a full-length album, a read thread towards the goal. I tried to make the albums connect to each other as I went forward.

The next step? Any anticipation of future works? Maybe a tour?

The next step is writing this winter for a new album and, of course, some gigs and maybe a tour when Covid blows away. Who knows where this train is going?

Where can fans and curious people find your music?

Thanks again for this interview, Dan. Stay safe and keep the music playing!

Thank you, I would really like to send my blessings to your readers out there.

Please stay safe and keep distance // DW

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Dan Wande // Way Back - artwork

Dan Wande // Way Back

Dan Wande, Swedish artist who hybridizes Metal, Hard rock, and old-style, is out with the brand-new 3-track EP ‘Way Back’.