From Long Island, NY, emo/pop duo dakotakami debuts with first work: the double single ‘so good // so long’.

Synthesis and household for the two singers/songwriters/producers Chelsea Takami and Danny Dakota, dakotakami is a new act born in 2019.

The first project from these artists, who records, produces, and signs all of his music, is the double single titled ‘so good // so long’, released on September 1, 2020.

The debut work from dakotakami hovers ethereal, consumed somewhere between ineffable folds of Pop, R&B, and Emo elements, such as reverberated live guitars, pungent programmed drum patterns, and dreamy vocal harmonies.

In some ways, this can also be read as a stylistic contrast, which indeed defines the style showcased by this duo, and at the same time, is reflected in the aesthetic that Takami and Dakota instill in this release.

From the love song ‘so good’, more energetic and positive, we slip into the hypnotic embrace of ‘so long’, to get lost in sedating rivulets.

Here, everything seems to want to thin out every border: trenches of reverbs, rarefied effusions, and dreamy vocals swallow up, while a pungent Hip-hop beat anchors us at the keel of a ship, which sinks more and more into the creative drift of dakotakami.

Dakotakami’s double single ‘so good // so long’ is out on September 1, 2020, available on all streaming platforms.

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dakotakami // 'so good, so long' - single artwork by Chelsea Takami
dakotakami // 'so good, so long' - single artwork by Chelsea Takami