From hard-hitting Hip-hop Trap artist Dai Lo comes “The Dark,” video # 17 part of a series of 53 straight visuals he is going to release every Friday of the year.

Dai Lo is a magnetic artist with an exciting overlook. It is only natural that he recently started a very interesting project, for which he is going to release a new music video every Friday of 2021. In total, the project will see the release of 53 videos this year.

What we have here is the 17th number, titled The Dark, a catchy tune, driven by memorable lines, enlightening synths, and a danceable beat.

A chiseled earworm with a sound packaged to enter into your mind from the first time that you listen to it, you will start moving your feet in tune with the beat and the melody in a blink.

The video is a quality production that covers a fundamental part in accompanying the track, featuring Dai Lo involved in traveling from the city of dreams, Los Angeles, to that of the lights, Las Vegas.

Sporting the artist clearly taking his heartfelt slice of fun, the expert use of photography and lights, along with the organic use of creative visual effects makes the video something really enjoyable to watch.

More than just a rhapsodic light bulb, this 17th release is part of a challenging horizon for this artist, known for hard-hitting Hip-hop and Trap bars, and now focused on delivering a project made of 53 straight visuals, each one set to be released every Friday of this year. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, from a family of war refugees, Dai Lo always had to work hard to get everything he has. Perseverance and work ethics are two of his values, fueling his creativity and pushing him to embark on this streak, gifting his fans something new to wait for every week. What a gift!

Watch now "The Dark," the latest Video by Dai Lo, available on the Dai Lo YouTube channel, and bookmark the song on your favourite digital platform via

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