Dai Lo’s new catchy tune is the bouncing single Go Flex, #53 straight music video in the sequel he announced earlier this year.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, to immigrant parents, Hip-hop artist Dai Lo prides himself on his perseverance and work ethic: 28 weeks in, he’s shown no signs of slowing down; 28 weeks in so far he has not missed 1 Friday yet.

At the beginning of the year, Dai Lo announced that he’d planned on releasing 53 straight music videos in 2021. 1 for every Friday of the year.

So far he’s lived up to his promise. Now 28 weeks in, he’s just dropped “Go Flex.” A catch fun hip hop/pop/trap song.

A magnetic artist with an exciting overlook, the one conceived by Dai lo is a compelling and demanding project, which we have already had the opportunity to meet one of his previous aces released not many Fridays ago.

That previous issue was # 17, titled The Dark: single and video that we covered in our previous writing. If you missed it you can find it right here: Dai Lo // The Dark

Now, faithfully following his statement, Dai continues to chase that sort of distant dot on the horizon, churning out hard-hitting Hip-hop bars, straight visuals, and tremendously catchy tunes.

As we said with this Go Flex Dai reaches 53 since the beginning of the year. Dropping a new work is no small thing for an artist nowadays. Churning out a new one every week is even more of a challenge.

And if these 53 numbers are all gushes of gasoline thrown to fuel a fire of perseverance and work ethic at the service of creativity, here we discover an act that deserves much more than a mere listening.

Thus, while with this Go Flex Dai Lo closes his prolific sequence of captivating singles and eye-catiching videos with exhilarating energy, we can see how the effort put by the artist so far is aimed at condensing into a point that is not an end, but the beginning of something that is set to come.

A point that, by changing the perspective, can only turn out to be the head of a long line that runs straight to straight towards an even more distant horizon.

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Listen now to Go Flex, the latest Video by Dai Lo, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via music.dailo.live/goflex


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Dai Lo // Go Flex - single cover artwork
Dai Lo // Go Flex - single cover artwork

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Dai Lo // The Dark

From hard-hitting Hip-hop Trap artist Dai Lo comes “The Dark,” video # 17 part of a series of 53 straight visuals he is going to release every Friday of the year.