Dillon James Witt, a young hip-hop artist from Rockford, IL, professionally known by the stage name D-Witt, is an American rapper who is pursuing his music as a singer, songwriter and musician, in the name of his unique style, creating songs ranging from trap to lo-fi, hype and chill.

His most recent work, the single titled ‘Escaping Me’ is a song with a fresh and carefree mood, set into an airy atmosphere with positive harmonies that contrasts with the theme of the lyrics: feeling lost, feeling like life is slipping through your fingers and you can’t find what your place really is.

But D-Witt’s flow rap is far from being his public pity-party. The track provides the right hook with the theme, thanks to the development of the lyrics that give us the right emotional transport to feel the struggle, the desire to stop feeling lost in life and finally find who we want to be.

What D-Witt sings about is actually a search that finds a perspective of light and hope in the edifying meaning of the last verse. There, while D-Witt uses his words to dig into the deepest corners of the soul, we find the resolving force, which goes in assonance to resolve that conceptual musical contrast highlighted at the beginning.

Listen now to ‘Escaping Me’, the latest single by D-Witt, and check out the following links to find out more about this artist and his music.

D-Witt // Escaping Me - single cover
D-Witt // Escaping Me - single cover