D.R Webster, a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Glasgow, Scotland, recently released his debut EP titled “Truth“.

It is an appropriate title for this release, as it contains three tracks made of pure honesty, which flow from the heart of rock with a mixture of Scottish and Brazilian influences that Webster draws from the blood flowing inside rock’s own veins.

It’s an energy transmitted in a straight line that rise up with a rock sound that has the most classic of roots, and in which lived vibrations merge with each other.

In “The Turning” the powerful voice exalts in the sound wall that agitates tumultuously under and around it, and at the same lives the pure excitement that it’s music.

The rhythm of the percussion surges, and even more when it finds an accomplice in the bass, resulting in the syncopated rebounds of “Revolution Now“, with which D.R Webster gives us even more exciting wheelies, pushed upwards by vibrant guitar riffs.

The closing track, “Karmacoma“, gives you time to catch your breath, with a more intimate and introspective sound scenario, in which vocal and guitar reflections slip away sinuously.

Recorded under the guidance of Brazilian blues legend Andre Christovam, with “TruthD.R Webster gives us a vividly colored listening experience. A dazzling explosion of emotions by which it is really worth getting carried away.

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D.R Webster // "Truth" - EP cover
D.R Webster // “Truth” – EP cover

Listen now to “Truth”, the debut EP from D.R Webster, which is available on Bandcamp [ here ], Spotify [ here ] and Apple Music [ here ].