Inspired by anime and video games, the Japanese musician hiding behind the nickname Cross Lockhart creates future bass music assembling dance and electronic elements from EDM, dubstep and glitch styles.

As he first started to learn music production, Lockhart created a bunch of songs that have been sitting gathering dust. However, this is something that did not prevent him from continuing his path of experimentation.

Living in Japan and being influenced by his surroundings, those experiments evolved into a lot of anime vocals, vocal chops, and gamer pieces.

So it is for his latest release, ‘Unchained Destiny’, the first track of a collection of anime and game-themed numbers that he plan to release soon. “The track talks about a potential destiny that the protagonist is given and as to whether he will fulfill it or not” said Lockhart talking about ‘Unchained Destiny’.

Cross Lockhart’s ‘Unchained Destiny’ is available on his Youtube channel.

To find out more about Cross Lockhart and his music, check the links below:

Cross Lockhart // Unchained Destiny - single artwork
Cross Lockhart // Unchained Destiny - single artwork