Unusual and stimulating, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Creative Vibrations bring us the new result of their transversal style, further evolved in that combination of different visions and creative ideas that in an innovative way led them to give shape to their new single, ‘Information Overload’.

If we wanted to label the song, we could describe it as a rock ballad with an acoustic ambient atmosphere. However, the combination of the warm and persuasive soft-spoken vocals, the relaxed groove, and the surprising and virtuous rock guitar solos lead the track to develop a musical delivery outside the canonical schemes of the narrower genre classifications. Particularly valuable is the level of refinement of the production, that with great care maintains the nuances accompanying the variety of dynamics of the individual performances, both vocal and instrumental.

As the title of the song suggests, the track deals with the theme of the overexposure to information typical of our frenetic modern times. In  the song, Creative Vibrations offer us a formidable parallelism between the compositional structure and the topic discussed, highlighting the discrepancy that exists between our need to slow things down, to be able to grasp their meaning more fully and focus on what we actually need, and the overload of stimuli that comes to us from computers, TV, radio, and magazines.

On the radio, In (the) magazines, On TVs and computer screens... Everybody’s tryin’ to sell me something, shit that I don’t need! Just distractions, between you and me.

A changing transitional hyperbole between the hypnotic and the psychedelic, ‘Information Overload’ is an atmospheric song to listen to without filters or prejudices whatsoever, to fully grasp every peculiar facet and nuance.

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Listen now to ‘Information Overload’, the latest single from Creative Vibrations, released on February 19, 2020, now available in streaming on Bandcamp [ here ].