Coming directly from COY Swede heart, his latest release ‘Lose Heart’ is a song aimed at “all the people who are about to lose heart or, to prevent it.”

Thom Holmberg is a composer and musician from Stockholm, Sweden, who publishes pop, hybrid and ballad music under the stage name of COY Swede.

Coming directly from his heart, his latest release is the single ‘Lose Heart’, a song that the artist explains is aimed at “all the people who are about to lose heart or, to prevent it.”

Structured upon a basis of pop and EDM influences, ‘Lose Heart’ is a mixed chill ballad that stands out for the refined aesthetics that it sets up both musically and technically. Speaking of believing in yourself and overcoming challenges without losing your heart, Thom develops a permeating atmosphere painted in cold colors that still manages to touch the listener’s heart.

Built on an instrumental carpet with ambient roots, the song is stratified with unique drums and sophisticated harmonies, generating a modern reinterpretation of EDM percussion and classic sounds.

Listen now to ‘Lose Heart’, the latest single from COY Swede, which is already available on Spotify [ here ]. 

To find out more about COY Swede and his music, check the links below:

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