Chicago-based Latinx musician Cory José recently released his three-track debut single ‘Warmth Pt. 1-3’, an orchestral suite told from the perspective of the outsider to an extramarital affair, all wrapped up in dramatic yet humorous lyrics, an ironic tale from the point of view of someone deeply in love with an already married person.

Deeply inspired by a wide variety of artists, from Serge Gainsbourg to Pulp, to Lana Del Rey, with his ‘Warmth’ José aims to reinvent the old orchestral pop sounds of artists like Lee Hazlewood and Jean-Pierre Ferland, imbuing them with more contemporary influences seasoned by a humorous, more than dramatic, vein.

José recorded all of ‘Warmth Pt. 1-3’ by himself in his suite, and except for guitar and bass, every instrument on the track was virtually played through a MIDI controller. For mixing and mastering, he brought in two star names: Dave Vettraino (Lala Lala, The Hecks, and more) and Alex Burns (Beyoncé, Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, and many others).

‘Warmth Pt. 1-3’ by Cory José is available to stream on:

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Cory José - WARMTH PT.1-3 - cover
Cory José - WARMTH PT.1-3 - cover