In view of the launch of his new fifth album, expected for May 2020, on February 21 the singer-songwriter Cormac O Caoimh released the single ‘I’m in need’, a modern and compelling folk pop number that, thanks to the personal touch of this talented artist, manages to sound melancholy and reflective, and at the same time catchy and contagious.

Set in a warm and suffused atmosphere, the song has a touch of verve and brilliance, moved by a rhythm that invites you to keep the time with your foot, making everything in the track sound direct, clear and frank.

This is a remarkable exercise in style, impeccably produced, that one can only praise and listen to for its positive groove, that develops from a beginning imbued with a sense of mystery and vulnerability, to progress in a natural and almost unexpected way into sunny, edifying and enlightening scenarios.

We could go on for hours listing the highlights of such richly decorated and rewarding work, but this is one of those few times when it would be a useless exercise. What is really worth doing is listening to ‘I’m in need’, a single extracted from Cormac O Caoimh‘s upcoming album.

‘I’m in need’ is available in streaming on Bandcamp [ here ]. To learn more about Cormac O Caoimh and his music, visit the following links:

Cormac O Caoimh // I'm in need - single cover
Cormac O Caoimh // I'm in need - single cover