Corinna Jane weaves a tapestry full of the feelings of love and pain experienced in the trauma of the loss of her mother, who died suddenly after a short battle against cancer.

When you lose a parent, your whole sense of identity and belonging shifts. At first I believed that I wouldn’t feel like getting up or doing anything again, but instead I found that throwing myself into my creativity gave me a sense of purpose and future.

So Corinna shares some of the memories of a 2019 that left a mark on her, but that fortunately has not prevented her from finding a new outlet and a new perspective.

It was important for me to dedicate a record to her, especially when featuring a song like ‘Pour Me A Glass Of Tomorrow’, which was born out of something she accidentally said in conversation when asking for more wine (which is always a good idea). When I first wrote the song, it was about heartache and life’s rich tapestry, but now the lyrics feel even more poignant and sincere.

Imbued with a delicately swinging romanticism, the entire EP sways emotionally in that prosperous wealth of feelings that are aroused just when you live a touching experience like that of Corinna.

The sense of loneliness that you can feel, even if surrounded by many people, because that beloved one is missing. The anxiety that assails you when you become aware that you are about to lose her. The struggle and bewilderment of having to face an epilogue that you can only suffer. These are just some of the translations between life and narration that Corinna gives us with her EP.

They are all there, stripped in 4 tracks as indelible scars, that bleed and hurt but that make you grow, crudely exposed in all their love and pain, ups and downs, lights and shadows.

At the basis of all this resounds a search for affection. Bitterly, there is awareness that this can no longer be reciprocated. But it is precisely through this awareness that Corinna gives us back all its value and importance.

Indirectly, what she is giving us is exactly the genuine loving kindness, unconditionally and naturally aroused, by and towards a mother.

Listen now to ‘Songs For My Mother’, the latest EP from Corinna Jane, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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