From Dream-Folk outfit Constant Follower comes “i Can’t Wake You,” their last self-release ahead of the debut album set to be released in March on Kramer’s Shimmy Disc.

In the wake of their successful single “Set Aside Some Time,” acclaimed Scottish Dream-Folk outfit Constant Follower released the double-sided single “i Can’t Wake You.”

Ahead of their debut album, set to come in March 2021, “I Can’t Wake You” is another remarkable track that along with the b-side “Altona” render and give breath to the fullness and the presence of this act.

Two poignant and moving tracks that convey an acoustic atmosphere blissed by a rosy marriage, between a refreshing and honest delivery, and a simple as nuanced sound.

Naked, to make all its matter germinate, here the spark is given by the way in which the simple elements are unfolded, supporting and providing the foundations for a harmonious castle full of frescoed details.

The current band consists of McAll, guitarist Andrew Pankhurst, Amy Campbell on backing vocals and synth, McAll’s partner Kathleen Stosch on backing vocals, synth, and bass.

Therefore there’s no surprise to discover that this is the last self-produced release that will come from this act. No, it’s not a contradiction, and no, they will not stop making music because they have achieved peace of mind. The news is that Can’t Wake You have just signed to Kramer’s Shimmy Disc (Daniel Johston, Low, Galaxie 500) and Joyful Noise (Deerhoof, The Low Anthem, Kishi Bashi, Sebadoh etc).

The next awaited from the Scottish act is their debut album “Neither is, nor ever was,” which will be released in March 2021 under the new aegis of the renowned international producer Kramer.

One in a thousand makes it, said an Italian song from a few years ago. The pristine clay of Constant Followers is precious. Kramer’s chisel is that of an admirable jeweler. Therefore, given these premises, it will be of particular interest to discover the next level of the valuable Scottish act.

No doubt, we have found something very interesting to follow closely. Very, very closely.

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More on i Can't Wake You // THE VIDEO

The release has accompanying videos by Swedish artist Nathalia van de Kerst. While helping a friend clear the basement of an old house, Nathalia discovered a box of antique glass negatives that had been hidden away since the earliest days of photography. Likely to have belonged to the previous owner’s grandparents, they depict a past life in Sweden. In the video for ‘I Can’t Wake You’, Nathalia sets these ancient stills against our modern experience of daily life with shots of McAll during a recent visit to Stirling. The video is ethereal and fleeting, yet, like the track itself, stays with you long after watching.

Nathalia describes the dream-like videos as a reflection on “what this universe is about.” She said: “We see just fragments. How we put them together and what they become depends on our own setting and what those fragments mean to us.”