No-frills singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton announces his brand-new compelling rock single ‘Time’, out on May 22.

A constantly evolving artist, Conrad Ashton shares his modern rock music tinged by a classic pop sound, moved by eloquent lyrics, which remain humble and recognizable.

By creating a compelling infusion of melodies, rhythms and layers of sound, Ashton offers a fresh mix made of the most current rock tones, highlighted by nods respectful of that of the decades and the artists of the past, giving life to an interesting stylistic blend, that Conrad likes to call “beyond basic rock and roll”.

The upcoming single ‘Time’ is a powerful and exciting example of Ashton’s creative sensibility. Here his lyrics tell a story that calls us into his musical world, making us want to know more, thanks to his musically unique and refreshing narrative touch.

‘Time’ is out on May 22nd. To not miss the release of ‘Time’, and to know more about Conrad Ashton and his music, check the links below:

Conrad Ashton // Time - single cover