Filled with the romanticism that flows in the veins of this Italian singer-songwriter, ‘Albert Einstein’ is an exquisite (un)conventional love song, in which Colourshop talks about how great it would be to be able to explain this complex and sometimes unstable feeling with a mathematical formula.

In an atmosphere with a refined and soothing musical aesthetic, infused by the sunny and candid positivity of love and a budding romance, the lyrics and the airy and rarefied melodies of Colourshop however bring us to the awareness that as things stand, love can’t be mapped and explained, but can only be embraced.

As Alfredo explains:
“When it comes to a love song, I have always tried to explain what I felt through feelings, words and chords. This never worked for me. Love is a force that moves and sweeps the whole mankind and everything when he hits. Such a powerful and mysterious force that moves everything around us but that has no explanation and can only be lived through its ups and downs.
I found that explaining love can be as important as explaining the principles on which the universe is based on. So I thought that if I could tell the people what love is with a formula asAlbert Einstein did with the universe I could be as big as him…”

Published last February 14, ‘Albert Einstein’ is masterfully produced by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Ian Barter (Gabrielle, Paloma Faith, Cloves). After its release Colourshop is planning a new tour in the United States, one that, like the one last summer in California, promises to be a great new success for this gifted artist.

‘Albert Einstein’ by Colourshop is already available on your favorite digital streaming platforms. Listen to it now picking yours at the link

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