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After a collection of solo projects, the beautiful and promising “voice” Lush co-signs a timeless Christmas tune with 24-year-old Pop sensation Lindahl

This is My List, a song that shines with its own light, far beyond the magic of the holidays

The two artists show off a duet of fine musicality that transmits silky vibrations, through a song that dives into the concept of love and the importance of investing in the people we care about.

This is the touching drive, as present as it is delicate, which fits perfectly into the moment we are going through. Between the still-open wounds of the past year and the uncertainties that the future holds for us, “My List” underlines how important it is to reconnect with the people we care about, those close to us, and let them know how much we care about them.

The holiday season with which the strange 2020 ended for many of us was certainly as unique as it was odd and estranging. Connecting and reuniting with loved ones was something different, and we were able to rediscover how important it is to take care of each other.

“It’s about wanting someone so badly you don’t need any of the surface stuff,” says Lush. “I want people to feel inspired to focus on the connections they have with their loved ones.”

So “My List” puts at the top of the list of best wishes what is more vital: to heal, pamper, and feed the need for affection, through anthemic encouragement to go through this difficult and challenging time.

“We wrote this song last year,” says Lush. “When I came in to work on the second half, John asked me what I thought about a verse he wrote. The whole song feels very romantic and classic to me.”

Christmas 2020 has already passed, but while its magic is now only a sweet memory, the vocals of Lush remain, to capture the essence of that love and that warmth that make us live.

Here the feeling and the aesthetics, excellently chiseled in a timeless retro style, corroborate the root of the message: return, rekindle and then cultivate the affections.

Elevated by the combined talent of Lush and Lindahl, “My List” is a Christmas song that goes far beyond the holidays magic. Certainly something to keep with us for a long time to come.

Listen now to "My List," by Colette Lush and John Lindahl, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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