Cole Pierce is out with a new work in which he talks about a particular moment in his life that influenced, or maybe even changed drastically, the way he lives love.

This is ‘808’, a number with which Cole Pierce brings genuine hip-hop R&B vibes to the table, telling with an effective grasp his story, in which he imagines his dream girl, who is a way out of his league, in the middle of the Covid isolation.

After the success of his previous single ‘Lost Boy’, with ‘808’ Cole seems to be ready to surprise listeners once again. Here, setting up a song with a dreamy aesthetic, Pierce drops soothing R&B vocals, imbued in a 808’s soundscape.

Through captivating lyricism and witty and caption-worthy 1-liners, Cole moves from a visceral pain because his dream lover rebuffed him, back to a comfort zone, going on a drug-binge that numbs the pain.

‘808’, the latest single from Cole Pierce, is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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Cole Pierce // 808 - single cover
Cole Pierce // 808 - single cover