With a warm, strong, sweet voice, embellished with a hoarse touch that gives it even more character, Cody Feechan follows the success of her previous single ‘Satisfaction’, released in September 2019, bringing us a new track that spreads wide the wings of her airy, liberating and wide-ranging pop folk.

Released on March 27, ‘Free Falling’ is a passionate song with which Feechan is able to ignite in us euphoria and reassurance, giving us a great song. Opened by an intro with an acoustic atmosphere, the dynamics of the song grows vibrant and sparkling, gradually widening up its perspective, leading to an edifying emotional supernova.

‘Free Fallin’ is a song in which to get lost and find oneself like few others, and thanks to it Cody Feechan was instantly on our radar. We look forward to hearing more from this talented artist and to having the chance to write more deeply about her poems made into music.

Listen now to ‘Free Fallin’ and find out more about Cody Feechan and her music checking the links below:

Cody Feechan - Free Falling - single cover