Clyde Carson joined Antbeatz, American record producer otherwise known in the West Coast Hip-hop scene as Anthony Barnett Britten II, to produce the tune “Slidin.”

For Antbeatz, music has always been something that has been around him throughout his growth. His father had a band at the time and plays bass, while his mother sings and is a church choir director. On top of that, he also taught his sister, KimmyBOnTheTrak, to juggle and vectorize the beat-making game.

Antbeatz started his journey into the world of music around 15, when he started taking his first steps in the box to make beats. “It all started with a demo copy of FL Studio 3,” he says, recalling past memories. Antbeatz noticed a friend, one from the neighborhood, who was always locked in the house and hardly ever put his head out. He was a boy entrenched in creating pop and electronic beats. Then Antbeatz asked him: “Why you always in the house mane, what do you be doing?” Long story short, that guy ended up showing Antbeatz how to move in the DAW, triggering that creative spark that still fuels his vision today.

Fast forward, Antbeatz didn’t start taking music seriously until 2011. Today what started as a hobby has led him to pave his way into the industry, springing a music production business. “It took a while to learn the online market and start seeing income,” he recalls.

And that’s what Antbeatz does today: making a living doing what he loves and helping other artists do the same, aiming to take what they want to release to the next level through the production process. As he did by working with Clyde Carson on producing Carson’s tune “Slidin.”

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