Talented Brazilian artist and producer Clebber de Azevedo debuted in July 2019 with the incredible release of the six-track EP “Attraction“, a mix of electronic sounds, pop and visceral trap sounds, which was followed by the equally stunning EP “Purple“.

Today Clebber returns to the scene with a new release, bringing us once again a bold and contemporary song. This is “Fire“, a sexy blend painted with an air of mystery, which ranges through tastes and musical styles that create a distinctive and surprising mood, thanks to the clever combination of great melodies and penetrating energy.

In “Fire” we find the most evolved form of that creative fervor that up to now has allowed Clebber de Azevedo to stand out in the underlying buzz in which a large part of contemporary EDM drowns.

Involving and exquisitely diverse, with the release of “Fire” Clebber gives us a dance pop number that you will not want to miss, guided by an engaging rhythm, a captivating vocal performance and a mix that enhances the extremes of the sound spectrum with intelligence and effectiveness, while maintaining the intelligibility of the entire music delivery.

Listen now to “Fire“, the latest release from Clebber de Azevedo, already available on Spotify [ here ] and accompanied by an official music video, available on Youtube [ here ].

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Clebber de Azevedo / “Fire” - single cover
Clebber de Azevedo / “Fire” - single cover