Set into rough urban atmospheres, ‘Ace of Hearts’ is a fusion of pop, R&B, trap and alterative styles, the trademark of the originality of this young artist, committed to breaking down the barriers between the commercial scene and the underground one.

Moved by a beat progression and a vibration that indicate a level of simplicity and optimism that are easy to grasp, darker and stimulating images at the same time intrigue the listener with wordplay and a certain grit.

The song plays with the metaphor of a card game. Here, Claym believes that to achieve your goals in life you need to keep a “poker face” and not let other “players” get the better of you. The clever metaphor Claym incorporates suggests that life is just a game. May the best player win!

The music video depicts an imaginary narrative where Claym is kidnapped by two masked men who request an unknown service from him, but Claym runs away before we can find out what they want. We expect everything to be revealed in a future video!

With his heady and stimulating wordplay and his fusions of genre into a unique blend balanced between commercial BOP and underground GRIT, with ‘Ace of Hearts’ Claym brings to the table his most advanced production in recent months.

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