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From the multifaceted flair and mesmeric touch of CLAIROX, French singer-songwriter of ineffable talent, comes the second album – Envolée vers l’Horizon – a collection of 16 tracks of impeccable vibrancy.

A creative presence – The French artist Claire Lacroix started playing classical guitar and then followed the path of the French chanson.

In 2021 she released her first album, “Pour Vous Aussi”, which means “for you too”, under the stage name of CLAIROX.

So her search led her to probe other sensations and to evolve within the FUNKISS band, a crossroads that allowed her to expand into the funk-tinged universe.

Today, while she composes and sings primarily for her rock band FOAX **, CLAIROX gives significant Jazz-style blooms with BigBand BBH, while she works busily collaborating with various artists around the world.

Worth mentioning is her recently released second album, “Envolée vers l’Horizon”, resulting from multiple collaborations that have come to light.

In the wake of this inspired sequence of creation, there is a unique single whose creation she has kept us busy for months. A first fruit in which the multifaceted inspiration and the mesmeric touch of CLAIROX blend with those of the Italian composer Gabriele Filippi.

We will certainly take care to tell you more about this rare pearl in the coming weeks.

Listen now to Envolée vers l'Horizon, the latest Album by Clairox, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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Clairox - Envolée vers l'Horizon - album cover artwork
Clairox - Envolée vers l'Horizon - album cover artwork