Cirex is the stage name under which the Puerto Rican artist Eric Ortiz has been carrying out his solo project for several years. In Cirex he combines various genres and styles, such as metal, drum and bass, and dubstep, with industrial influences and the incorporation of guitars.

His music has appeared on independent horror films in Denmark. He spent some time playing bass in a local church and in February 2015 he officially composed the musical theme of the radio program “Al Tiempo de Dios” (In God’s time) by Maritza Medina on Radio Vida (Puerto Rico). Cirex is no strager to collaborations, with Eduardo Paniagua, drummer for the band Puya, lending his percussions on some of his productions, while William Martin from the band Earshot dominated part of Cirex‘s album “The Lab“.

Recently, Cirex released the single “Sinner“, taken from the EP “Interplate“: it’s an adrenaline rush merging dubstep and drum and bass and powerful enough to make you think it might literally shake the earth under your feet like an earthquake. Rich in the sound spectrum and with a quantity of saturated sounds layered on top of each other, its rhythmic structure made of evolutionary cycles is the real engine of this high octane mixture.

Listen now to “Sinner” the latest single from Cirex, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ], and find out more about his music on his social: