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New Jersey rocker Chris Luciani releases the biting, grunge video for his brand new single Another World.

Founder and leader of the hard rock band Lucidity, Chris Luciani e
his Precision Records label, have formally announced the release of a brand new solo side-project for the artist.

Another World, the self-titled debut single from his self-titled solo album was released on July 29, 2022. The livery of Luciani’s exploratory sound presses on the age-old question “Is there really anyone out there?”

Here the doubt about the inner conundrum of “Is there really anyone here?” intertwines to give light to Chris’s conclusions.

And you can bet on it, Another World is just the starting ticket to plunge into Luciani’s musical world.

Watch now Another World, the latest Video by Chris Luciani. The single is available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

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