Jason Garriotte aka Chords of Truth is a singer, songwriter and folk performer from South Carolina, who through this project creates heartfelt music that fully embodies what it means to be a songwriter.

Since his debut in early 2012 with the acoustic EP “Reflections of Reality“, he has been performing live at countless shows and has constantly published new music, with singles that have been written and recorded in various cities while touring the United States.

His most recent work is “The Mirage“, a lyrically introspective acoustic folk song performed in the style of the classic songwriters of the ’60s and ’70s. Here Chords of Truth shows his deep and engaging voice, accompanied by the velvety touch of his guitar and the angelic background vocalizations by Susan Shewbridge, who also plays the keyboards and synths for this piece.

Simple in structure and introspective in musical delivery, “The Mirage” is a profound and evocative listening experience, capable of touching the listener in the most intimate parts of his soul. At its root there is an honest and genuine musical message, made of a few key elements calibrated with an incredibly measured wisdom and introduced at the most ideal moment within the development of musical discourse.

The cleanliness and clarity that this balance of composition and arrangement brings to the general mix, becomes an upward curve that leads the listener to feel themselves vibrating within all the evocative poetics of this song. The underlining given by the union of music and words is splendid, and we see it shine at its fullest in the refrain at the center of the song, where the track seems to spread its wings and radiate all the light coming from the heart of its theme. Not to mention the way the song evolves into a protracted finale through which, while the argumentation of the theme continues, we are led through an increasingly rarefied atmosphere that skillfully slides towards the real outro.

With “The MirageChords of Truth gives us what, in our opinion, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful discoveries that we had the opportunity to hear in this early 2020. We are already scanning the horizon, looking for our “mirage that is ridin’ on the sun”. And you?

Listen now to “The Mirage” the latest single from Chords of Truth, which is available on Youtube [ here ]. To know more about Chords of Truth‘s music check the links below: