From Austin, TX, Chords Of Eve is a musical project created in 2019 formed by multi-instrumentalist Atlas Cage accompanied by various female singers, including debuting artist Casey Ardmore.

Focused on the development of a refined musical aesthetic, the band creates music that ranges from pop to electronics, effortlessly moving through alternative and trip hop. It’s a mixture of genres and styles that the band itself encapsulates in the self-defining label of “futuristic psych pop”.

In the wake of this creative trajectory, Chords Of Eve is in the process of releasing their debut EP ‘Dear Engineer’. Through narrations projected into a future world pervaded by technology and androids and in which humans are becoming more and more isolated, the album touches on topics of mental illness and depression.

Through airy voices, captivating grooves, and melodic and hypnotic sound scenarios, Chords Of Eve gives us a special EP.

‘Dear Engineer’ will be available from February 28th.

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