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Dreamy and soulful, Chet Lam runs “Back to the Stars Again” drawing a musical rainbow inspired by the beloved book The Little Prince.

Eleven tracks to distill pure magic. Enveloping, uplifting, able to pamper the listener like few others.

Chet Lam, veteran Hong Kong singer songwriter, music producer, and TV presenter, shares his latest storied album.

“Back to the Stars Again” is his newest folk-pop album by him, inspired by the world renowned and deeply loved classic book The Little Prince.

“I was always fascinated by the simplicity and the depth of this French classic,” says Chet. “I wrote these songs from the perspective of each character. The Little Prince is a romantic, of course, The Fox is simply a drama queen, The Rose is spoiled, The Ghosts are actually everyday people, The Snake is innocent … all characters coming together will be a life lived to the fullest.”

Much more than an ode, Chet’s work is an unmissable entry point to fly well beyond the sweetness of the rediscovery of a great classic.

Listen now to Back to the Stars Again, the latest Album by Chet Lam, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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