Charlot // Better When It's Dark - single cover

In her debut single ‘Better When It’s Dark’, Charlot sings about a story of seduction and love for another woman, and about surrendering to her own pain.

By describing her as a mermaid, the beloved one becomes the architect of an act of seduction that then “kills” by breaking the artist’s heart. But in the end Charlot still seems to believe in her illusion, as she sings: “When I close my eyes, I get to hold you one more time, in my dreams it’s not a crime.”

Therefore, ‘Better When It’s Dark’ is not the usual self-referential song about an affair full of sorrow and heartbreak.

Here, Charlot sing about learning to love the misery of it. Where some people try to stay away from illusions, Charlot likes to keep them and ignore the warning signs, she chooses to surrender to the romantic attraction of love affliction.

With a blend of dark-groovy electronic rhythms, strings and organic vocals interweaving, and deep synths, Charlot blurs the boundaries between illusion and reality, while simultaneously illustrating their contrast, turning her story into a great little work of modern electronic-pop music.

Embellished by a sophisticated and minimalistic stylistic flair, and imbued with a dark and melancholic feeling, Charlot’s ‘Better When It’s Dark’ is a seducing debut release, full of her expressive talent and impeccable technique.

Among the most interesting new releases we have discovered in recent months in the world of debuting female voices.

Listen now to Charlot’s debut single ‘Better When It’s Dark’, and find out more about her music, checking the links below: