Charles Laney is a self contained independent underground artist from Columbus, Ohio, skilled in writing, production, engineering and performing, who comes out with a 16-track album that is nothing short of eclectic, titled “Midnight & Lion“.

Focused on a sophisticated experimental search for sound, with “Midnight & LionCharles Laney aims to set up an innovative and complex creative flow that goes back and forth with relation to the deconstruction of canonical musical conventions.

Started in November 2011, the production of this album has seen a multi-stage development, with several prototypes leaked and retracted over time, while the project continued to be updated and improved.

The version available today really sounds like it might be the final version, which in its entirety shows a non-static organic unity that seems to have a life of its own.

Evolutionary in its genesis and development and equally alien and histrionic in the listening experience, “Midnight & Lion” by Charles Laney is, from what we have heard to date, the most distant we can be from classifications of genre and style. It certainly derives some sound from indie pop and hip-hop, but then takes such different paths that Charles Laney‘s music ends up being as far as possible from those genres.

For sure, this is not an album for everyone. Not even for many. But equally for sure this isn’t automatically a flaw.

Listen now to “Midnight & Lion” from Charles Laney, available on Tidal [ here ], Apple Music [ here ] and on his official website [ here ].

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