Rap artist CE Da Bear is back on the scene, after his first two singles ‘Let Me Thru’ and ‘Who’, with the 9-track mixtape 3 titled ‘It Been Snown’.

Rooted in chords and the strings of the rap school, CE Da Bear reveals all of his punchy, rhythmic and bouncing flow, capable of capturing the most contemporary vibes. Setting the bars higher and higher, CE Da Bear’s delivery sounds loud and evident.

‘It Been Snown’ is mainly driven by a growling bass line that sounds thick and bombastic, with a variable mix setup. Here the vocals can move, sometimes sitting behind the beat, other times standing out massively.

The aesthetics of the entire mixtape are varied and mutable, bringing substantial variations to the progress of listening, not only between one track and the other, but in some cases also within the same track.

Certainly CE Da Bear’s creative flair excels, while experimenting with very disparate solutions and approaches, giving free rein to his artistic vein.

The choice of beats is valuable and generally effective and coherent in giving the right support and the right introduction for the atmospheres and suggestions that the artist tries to set up.

Between arid and dystonic rhythms, and soft and harmonious melodies, this mix-tape contains many interesting ideas, to be discovered and perhaps re-evaluated with a different eyes at each listening.

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CE Da Bear // It Been Snowin - mixtape cover
CE Da Bear // It Been Snowin - mixtape cover