Infused in a scenographic and soulful lo-fi atmosphere, the latest of CatchTwentyTwo is a song that “symbolizes an end, and a new beginning, being the last song I’ve released before I’m 21. Here I’m asking our protagonist, after everything, after begging her, not to runaway, and convincing her she’s my solar flare”.

So the artist from Broward County, FL, introduce ourselves in the sensitive, touching and passionate vibrations that he lend in his ‘Do You Feel The Same’, gradually bundled in a minimal crescendo with an exquisitely vintage flavor.

Here the linear development of the song grow up, while the beat, up an older sounding piano, and strings and brass in the background, support the bittersweet climate of the music delivery.

For a rewarding listening break, made of the most lovable neo-soul that we have listened to for many months now.

CatchTwentyTwo // Do You Feel The Same - single release

Listen now to ‘Do You Feel The Same’, the latest single from CatchTwentyTwo, and find out more about his music, checking the links below: