With loud, scratchy and penetrating voices immersed in a sound spectrum saturated by formidable guitar riffs and a drum work that’s as overwhelming as a running train, the latest single by Catalina Skies is an impeccable production that vibrates high and loud in the room as we listen at full blast to the expressive charge that they shoot out.

And it is a feverishly rewarding listening experience, especially for the perfection in the excellent quality of the balance between musical message and musical aesthetics.

A quality that is also reflected on the technical level of production, because this song sounds damn good no matter the volume you choose to listen to it, with a touch of textbook reverbs and a bass work that back on the mid-low register and seems to want to bring the world down.

With ‘Fear King Kong’ Catalina Skies hit the mark. Now all they have to do is throw out other equally formidable music. We are ready to get excited again, and again, and again.

Listen now to the incredible latest single from Catalina Skies, ‘Fear King Kong’, available in streaming at the following links:

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