Following her debut with ‘I Know Better’ the LA-based singer-songwriter Caroline has released the electro-pop tune ‘Already There’.

A breath of fresh air, the new song from the young and talented artist with Southern roots in North Carolina, is all about her soaring vocals and her relatable songwriting, spreading thanks to the creative signature of the songwriting and production duo from London, Space Primates.

While Caroline sings about how being a teenager these days is challenging, juggling social pressures, demanding respect and a voice, and trying to find and express their authentic selves, with ‘Already There’ she casts a resilient ray of light. Here an electro echoing groove moved by throbs and arpeggios, grow up to a playful and bewitching burst, bringing sunlight into the whole room.

Caroline’s ‘Already There’ is a pristine production of remarkable quality, with wonderful arrangement and lovely tones. And that’s all we need: to let her shine, while we sing along.

One of the most interesting discoveries we have made on the teen music scene. Not just for Selena Gomez fans.

Listen now to ‘Already There’ and find out more about Caroline and her music, checking the links below:

Caroline // Already There - single cover
Caroline // Already There - single cover

I know that it feels so dangerous
It takes a little risk to get to us
I knowI know
That you got a lot heartbreak history
But imma make it all a memory
If you goIf you go
And just dive into the deep end
Crash into the ceiling
Million miles an hour
I could be your reason
Why you fighting feelings
Come on darling, don’t be scared
Cause you know that I’m already there