Capo Vercetti x Lil Benny are “Bad Boys,” on their bouncing rap number.

Sporting a flexy rap flow, the two play as a well-established duo.

The ink is that of monento, spent lingering in the misty folds of a neo-rap that calls the new era as if it were today itself.

A display of contrasts between vehement basses and a transversal Emo aesthetic that draws in melodic elements, rapped rhymes and does not fail to wink at the easier Pop.

The challenge may not be easy, but Capo Vercetti and Lil Benny’s approach is the right one. Judging by the numbers shown by Vercetti on his SoundCloud it is even a winner.

The high number of streams spread here and there on his tracks brings back the tagtail “K” practically everywhere, fomented by listeners and fans that the artist boasts mainly in all the States.

Beyond the numbers, the one that wins hands down here is the new combo of the Vercetti-Benny banner. Put down this way it already sounds like an indelible identity identifier, which is ready to give account and credit to its craft product.

Listen now to "Bad Boys," the latest Single by Capo Vercetti, feat. Lil Benny.

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