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CannabisBoy releases Trappin, a bouncing hip-hop trap tune that works as an ode to his passions.

CannabisBoy, stage name of emerging independent rapper, singer and songwriter Mateusz Mlynarczyk, is an 18-year-old musician who made his solo debut in April 2022.

The first track, titled “420”, initiated the eclectic artist, born in Poland and now based in Wisconsin, to chill atmospheres. In just a few months, the prolific rapper released a dozen singles, spelling out rhymes in both English and Polish.

Among his latest works, the brand new single titled “Trappin” stands out. As CannabisBoy points out, a piece that enhances his passions for trap music and marijuana.

The compelling beat drops on a low and slow-paced trap groove, while the rarefied psychedelic touch drug with freestyle the level of consciousness.

Here we find his praise for his favorite weed drives bouncy trap and hip-hop beats, causing the CannabisBoy sound to resonate with many rap lovers and the well-known green leaf.

Listen now to Trappin, the latest Single by CannabisBoy, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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