Camari, a 22-year-old hip hop artist and producer, came out with his new mixtape “Boys Don’t Cry.” The collection of songs builds a thematically connected and wildly eclectic sound bundle that, through different styles and approaches, seems to deform space and reality.

Synth riffs and obsessively repeated percussion loops accompany a sonorously spatial and melancholic music, providing soundscapes for a visionary environment and a transcendental listening experience.

Dark, sinister and viscerally aligned with Camari‘s lyrical approach and images, the production is rich in instrumentation variations and arrangements. Without any fear of fully exploiting dissonances, this mixtape sounds like a series of thoughts that come out of solitary reflections.

Living outside of strictly logical patterns, Camari‘s is an artistical form free from conformism. Toxicity, unresolved pains, raw and uncomfortable subjects, and paranoid thoughts, are just some examples of what we can find in the 13 songs of “Boys Don’t Cry“, which sound like a series of transitions, all peculiar, to the point of rendering the whole album a unique and distinctive release.

“Boys Don’t Cry” is certainly not an album to listen to to find comfort. It is a difficult listening, sometimes even anti-musical, and far from being conciliatory. And it is precisely in this that it stands out from the everyday background noise.

Listen now to “Boys Don’t Cry,” latest Camari’s mixtape, available on Soundcloud [ here ], and follow him on Facebook [ here ], Instagram [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].

Camari // "Boys Don't Cry" - cover
Camari // "Boys Don't Cry" - cover
.: Nova Music blog // November 2019