Moved by the distinctive sound and the dynamic and versatile flexibility that Buu Baby IV showcases, ‘Love Yourself’ is a polyhedral mix, multifaceted and organic at the same time.

Boldly refreshing and full of charisma and captivating hooks, the track vibrates and lights up, between hip-hop bars and R&B lyricisms, giving to Buu Baby IV’s debut undeniable impetus that makes us truly hopeful for the future.

With ‘Love Yourself’ Buu Baby IV manages to set up a richly-built and layered soundscape, at times even luxuriant, capable of instilling all its sense of jazzy calm, and at the same time radiating all its colors and nuances. All this rendered by Buu Baby IV who, through his natural softly raspy vocals, starts focusing on love to then expand to the reality of losing the right way in life, passing through finding resolution, up to accepting and loving who we really are.

Here Buu Baby IV seems to be perfectly at ease while hovering his phrasings in Pindaric yet mellifluous flights, significantly immersed in a blissful and airy atmosphere of optimism. Subtle pop touches intertwine with soul stylizations, while the musical delivery of the song reaches our ears in all its positive radiance.

Constantly moving forward, to push and support its musical message, ‘Love Yourself’ sounds like an infectious, genuine, and sincere stimulus that spurs you to appreciate every new day of life.

A recipe of style and character that is relatable and distinctive, full of compelling hooks. Definitely a tasty release, with which Buu Baby IV infectiously shares his upbeat, magnetic and compelling vibrations from start to finish.

No doubt: this is a must. And not just for fans of the genre.

Listen now to ‘Love Yourself’, the debut single byBuu Baby IV, available for streaming on Spotify.

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