Buchanan is an alternative rock band formed in late 2009. The band is the brainchild of English-born Josh Simons, brought to life in collaboration with a few musician friends.

Between 2009 and 2019 they released fifteen singles, three EPs, two studio albums, one live album and a final mixtape: The Crayon Collection. In January 2019, on their tenth anniversary, Buchanan announced their retirement.

Buchanan on ripCORD World Tour – Australia (2016)
Buchanan on ripCORD World Tour – Australia (2016)

The first and last, ever

The Crayon Collection is Buchanan‘s first and last last mixtape ever.

This release includes four tracks: two singles from Los Angeles and two tracks recorded during the Human Spring sessions. These songs capture the entire spectrum of sound, colors, and experiences, from each era of the band as they evolved.

The mixtape features production and engineer work from all-star previous collaborators , including 2018’s MPG Producer of the Year Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice), 4x GRAMMY winner Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye West, Kid Cudi) and renowned London producer Simon Duffy (Leftfield, Mr Hudson).

Listen to The Crayon Colllection, available on all digital platforms. It’s a true retrospective on the Buchanan‘s artistic career.

This isn’t a sad story

Over a ten-year successful career, the Buchanan got to experience everything an artist can ever dream of: live TV performances, international radio play, millions of streams, awards, lots of touring including festivals and arenas, not to mention chart impressions in every continent.

Here is a note about their achievements, published by Josh on the Buchanan Facebook page:

The Buchanan career is also summarized in the video accompanying An Uncommon Experience, the third track from The Crayon Collection.

What’s left?

Buchanan story has reached the end of its creative parable. But it’s like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Follow it to discover the treasure at the end: the music they created during their prolific ten-year career.

Genuine, sincere, simply beautiful music.