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Popping between hip-hop, trap-soul, and alternative, the latest ace dropped by Bry444n is Angels, the tune taken from his brand-new 3 track EP EQUINOX.

Bry444n, a 24-year-old artist and conscious creator, is one who uses his new age lyricism to spread the modern esoteric essence through positive and vulnerable music.

A storyteller who manages to make what he creates recognizable through his images, Bry444n aims to paint pictures adorned with conscious content and soulful melodies.

Remaining faithful to his vision of a fusion of genres, Bry444n blends elements of Trap-soul and Hip-hop in an Alternative context.

Among the fruits of this creativity, we find Angels, a tune that is part of his brand new EP titled EQUINOX, which is a sequel to his previous release, The SlumFlower Series.

“Angels is a track that highlights the difficulties of navigating an ever-changing industry and finding your value along the way,” says Bry444n sharing the topical concept of his work. Then he goes on to add: “Accompanied by a colleague Emotion Entertainment artist, this is the story of camaraderie VS commodification.”

Those Angels that Bry444n is invoking here are the ones who aim to shed light on the reconditioning of your mind: to work with us and not against us, as we continue to ascend on the journey of life, creative and beyond.

Listen now to Angels, the latest by Bry444n, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via


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