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A contrite apotheosis of what led the veteran musician Bruce Cohen to create, the lead track Funkasaurus is the internal pinnacle taken from his recent album 7 BC.

Bruce Cohen continues to channel his efforts into experimenting with German electronic minimalism, frescoing atmospheric soundscapes, weaving ambient textures, summoning a swallowing sonic eddy.

SECLUDED, ESOTERIC, AVANT-GARDE – The latest work of the long-time artist Bruce Cohen is generated by the channeling of his creative energy shifted into a sort of coercive overload.

And to condense with sartorial skill all the sense of his entire season of solitude, Bruce sews a lead track that fits well under the belly of his recent album titled 7 BC.

The vector that functions as the cardinal axis of a whirlpool that takes you and never lets you go is the Funkasaurus track. A cosmodromic coinage, which if on the one hand, it seems to want to suffocate you; on the other, it makes you smell from the beginning that there is more at the end of the engulfing funnel.

The avant-garde fil de rouge here is as subtle as palpable, albeit an advocate for the nicely ambient aesthetic livery. And this could lead us to spend rivers of words on Cohen’s brush, who with shrewd musicality reiterates the obsessiveness of almost 9 pulsing minutes, but without ever boring.

Then here we find the precious clue. The esoteric perspective that Bruce promises us  – something to be hidden at the end of the tunnel – is far more precious than the promise of a mocking Chimera, who assures us that we will find yet another pot filled with fool’s gold at the end of the rainbow.

Listen now to Bruce Cohen's Funkasaurus, the single taken from his latest album 7 BC, and find out more about Bruce Cohen and his music checking the links below (via Tarock Music label):

Bruce Cohen // 7 BC - album cover artwork

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