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Following her recent 16-track debut project “Night After Night,” Briya Jordan returns with the brand-new single titled “Out Grew,” out on January 23, 2021.

Briya Jordan is the new sensation emerging in the industry. Kissed by the spark, the Cleveland based artist returns to the scene with a brand new single that hooks and melts.

Spanish-styled guitars and rounded vocals caress an aesthetic poised between sweet and salty to enhance a mixture of softness and pulpiness that soon arrives at the entrance to the rhythm.

The transversality is revealed here between trap-like drums and a driving bass. At the same time, Briya bounces with pseudo-acoustic vocal lines suspended in a sound spectrum that is anything but hyper-saturated.

Under our spotlight, this combo shines like gold. So congenial to give the right space to what rewards the most. So exquisite that it creates waves of bliss, conveyed by the half-naked mix of “Out Grew.”

Following her recent 16-track debut album “Night After Night,” Briya Jordan’s new number is a magnetizing and melting piece.

And here, the exploit is precisely in the non-voluptuous way in which the mischievous vein comes to corroborate the delivery and to arouse a feeling of euphoria.

No doubts, this is something that pulls, pushes, and makes us ask for more.

Listen now to "Out Grew," the brand new Single by Briya Jordan, out on January 23, 2021 on Spotify.

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