London-based dream pop singer and painter Brioni returns to show off her sultry future pop, releasing the brand-new single 'In My Garden', accompanied by an original and inspired art video by Gabriela Grozavu.

With her previous releases Brioni already widely demonstrated how she is an artist in every sense of the term. In her characteristic and distinctive approach to music she utilizes her chromesthesia, letting sound involuntarily evoke the experience of seeing colors. Being an experienced music producer and painter, Brioni successfully intertwines the worlds of music and visual arts in a way that is definitely original.

Brioni’s is an eclectic and visionary touch that we find in all its breadth and freshness even in her latest single ‘In My Garden’, an intriguing metaphorical journey in which she guides us through her own garden, a figurative translation of her life, which here she uses to analyze herself.

Inspired by reading a book about the language of flowers used to write secret messages, with ‘In My Garden’ Brioni takes us through an ethereal walk, between early insecurities and the need to please people. Here, totally wrapped in the synaesthetic embrace of the song, she sets up immersive metamorphic parallels, where plants named “Foxglove” and “Honesty” translate respectively into “lies” and “honesty and realness.”

Far from being a mere exercise in style, as she realizes that being her true self is a lot more liberating and that people will accept her for who she is, she plants her garden of honesty.

Definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Listen now to Brioni’s single ‘In My Garden’, available for streaming from May 5th, and watch the art video on Brioni’s Youtube channel.

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Brioni has also teamed up with an organization called Treedom Trees. 50% of her profit will go to them to help plant trees worldwide. “My aim is to spread awareness on climate change and do eco actions”, says Brioni.

The release of the song is accompanied by an art video by Gabriela Grozavu, made with the stop motion animation technique, using approx 1600 photos. Gabriela said she used plants she collected in her daily walks in her garden, choosing the flowers and the plants by their color, focusing on the ones she felt better about, representing the emotions transmitted through lyrics and melody. “It was quite fun to make it, my room was so full of all kinds of plants!” she said; “about the flowers I cut for the animation, I am in the process of drying them and I intend to reuse them for another project. No waste, just flow.”