BriGuel is a duo of international artists, made up of New Yorker Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, born in Frankfurt, Germany, and raised in Alicante, Spain.

This artistic duo, who professes to be “on a mission to play, laugh, have fun, and inspire people to make the world happier”, came to life a few years ago, when Miguel hired Brianne to co-produce his short film ‘Fly Away’.

Since then they haven’t left each other’s side, producing and releasing new music. In 2018, they released the singles ‘Love’ and ‘breathe’, followed by the highly acclaimed single ‘Red Ropes’, and in 2019 by ‘Life Is A Lesson’, ‘Without Darkness’ and ‘Who Do You Wanna Be’.

Both artists are descendants of Holocaust survivors, and Gluckstern explains: “It’s our purpose to do this work because of our history and the pain our family, and humanity at large, experienced.”

The result of their prolific creativity and artistic vision, BriGuel recently released the single and music video for ‘No One Really Knows’, featuring the talented rapper, and co-founder of the Holistic Life Foundation, Andres Gonzales.

Giving us an engaging hip-hop song with bright pop touches, ‘No One Really Knows’ is a perfect anthem to get us out of the difficult times we live in.

Listen now to ‘No One Really Knows’, watch the official music video on Youtube, and find out more about BriGuel music, checking the links below:

BriGuel // No One Really Knows - single cover