Award-winning pop artist from Atlanta GA (USA), Brianna Shelko – the 7-minute songwriter – proves once again how storytelling through songs can create fans from all over the world and gather them in the name of their common love for music.

I Don’t Want Your Man” is a song born out of a real life experience that the talented singer-songwriter had.

As Brianna said: “It all started with a random phone call. A girl called me up questioning me about a relationship that didn’t exist between myself and my ex. And I let her know right then and there, that I didn’t want her man.”

This is a story about blind jealousy, a kind of feeling about which Brianna’s point of view is relatable: “I don’t think women should ever feel like that – if he’s cheating then leave.”

Brianna Shelko //  I Don't Want Your Ma - single cover
Brianna Shelko // I Don’t Want Your Man – single cover

With this song and its theme, Brianna truly aims to help women across the nations connect with each other, to support and encourage one another. To be positive and empowering, instead of choosing the negative approach of envy and hate.

The way this artist translates life experiences into vibrant music, proves that Brianna Shelko is not a stranger to the music industry. Having been writing and composing since she was 8 years old, song after song, she is now able to gift us with vivid fragments of life. Exploring and exposing the feelings and sensations common to all our lives, she digs into pain, love, agitation, fear and real-life circumstances.

This is a clean and simple production, perfectly matching the catchy melody, enriched by Brianna’s sentimental performance.

An unmissable addition to your playlist.

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