Brian Charles Tischleder has released the album “Momma Told Me So“, whose title track we we are going to preview for you. It’s an acoustic rock number, the first song of a ten-track album.

In this single Brian Charles Tischleder adds veiled veins of blues and gospel to the more traditional American rock folk root, which somehow connotes his previous productions.

It is a composition that evolves from the very beginning, through a drum and guitar rhythm that moves the piece forward. To this add Brian’s vocal performance, scratching in substance but warm and persuasive in the contours.

The sax solos, the intermediate stop and go, as well as the edifying evolutions of the choirs and the sinuous harmonizations of the persuasive female backing vocals, are the additional elements of variation that make you listen to this track until its end.

In “Momma Told Me So” there is a wealth of elements that evolve and interchange continuously, but the way they do it is so natural and organic that it makes the listening experience memorable.

Brian Charles Tischleder // "Momma Told Me So" - album cover
Brian Charles Tischleder // "Momma Told Me So" - album cover

Listen now to “Momma Told Me So“, the latest album by Brian Charles Tischleder, available on CD in the store of his official website:

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