Filled with genuine optimism, Brei Carter is out with her new third single titled ‘Smiling’, a song in which she once again reveals the deep soul and poetry of her songwriting.

‘Smiling’ is an edifying and at the same time enveloping track, which seems to want to bring us up above the clouds while radiating a sunny and contagious sense of compassion, focusing on those who, through friendship and smile, try to help each other overcome any obstacle.

Moving on a slow but cadenced rhythm, the track shines for Brei’s splendid vocal performance, that with exquisite attention is perfectly placed at the center of a balanced mix full of details. A unique song with a growing transport and positive energy, gracefully nuanced in a delicate outro, and in which country and pop sounds combine with soul elements, forming the perfect completion of an intimate and illuminating musical delivery.

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